Victoria Subirana / Escuelas Transformadoras

The work of Victoria Subirana has been acknowledged by the public and private organisations.

2015 - Victoria Subirana (Vicki Sherpa) receives one of the Pie Derecho 2015 Prizes, awarded by Cadena 100 every year to those, who carry out artistic actions for the welfare of others and who make this world a better place.

Victoria Subirana / Premios Pie Derecho

2014 - CIBRA, as of its fourth edition, awards the Alice Guy prizes. Created to honour the first female movie maker in the history, these awards are meant to highlight the women who, like Alice Guy, stand out for their work, their fight; they also give exposure to the female talent in the cinema, as well as in any other area of life.

Victoria Subirana received the prize for her work in the area of cooperation within the framework of the activities of the Alice Guy Days, organised along with the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Victoria Subirana / Escuelas Transformadoras

2012 - “Periódico Magisterio” Prize. Special mention as a teacher founder of “The Transformative Pedagogy" and its implementation.

Victoria Subirana / escuelas Transformadoras

2011 - Eduqual Foundation, a Prince of Asturias Awards finalist.

2010 - Victoria Subirana received from His Majesty The King of Spain Juan Carlos, through His Excellence the ambassador of Spain in Delhi Mr. Ion de la Riva, the Officer’s Cross of The Order of Civil Merit, which recognises the Spanish or foreign citizens for their extraordinary services of unquestionable outstanding merit and important initiatives for the benefit of the State.

2009 - Vicki Sherpa Eduqual Foundation received the “Premio Kapital 2009” award for the best social and solidarity work.

2008 - Vicki Sherpa Eduqual Foundation received the award for the Coexistence Values in the collective category given by the Rodolfo Benito Samaniego Foundation. This prize promotes the values such as peace, solidarity, liberty or democracy.

2006 - Vicki Sherpa Eduqual Foundation received the award for the “Human Behaviour” (“Comportamiento Humano”) given by the Spanish Association of the Cultured Word and Good Habits from Madrid, of which His Majesty the King of Spain Juan Carlos I is an Honorary President.

She received the UNICEF prize for truthfully expressing the reality, for the tasks carried out by the NGO's, and for reflecting the values of hope, solidarity and overcoming of the children who live poorly on the streets in the documentary THE CHILDREN OF NEPAL. This documentary was made in the Daleki school in Kathmandu.

Vicki Sherpa obtained the Protagonists of the Solidarity Award from Luís del Olmo for her “courage, generosity, spirits and determination”.

2005 - Victoria Subirana was awarded with the “Women’s Earth” Prize given by the Yves Rocher Foundation, an entity supported by the Institute de France.

2004 - Appointed the Ambassador of the Peace for the Pakistani Community of Catalunya

Goya Award for the documentary THE CHILDREN OF NEPAL, produced by the Centre of the Cinematographic Studies of Catalunya.

2003 - UNICEF selected the Daleki school as an example and a model to follow by other organisations interested in promoting the education and integration of the children with disabilities.

ONCE Award for solidarity and for overcoming the obstacles.

2002 - Awarded the Tonetti Prize for the Humanitarian Work (previously granted to Nelson Mandela and to Federico Mayor Zaragoza).

2000 - Medalla d´Or Prize by the Vic University.

1999 - Premio Mestres 68´ Award given by the Associació Mestres 68 and the Associació Rosa Sensat.