EduQual All Nepal (2011-2017)

Project carried out in Nepalgunj between 2011 and 2017. During 6 years, the Transformative Pedagogy has been practised in public schools in Nepalgunj thank to the perseverance of the minister Ojha Sarvdeven in Nepal and Marifé Santiago in Spain. They helped us to achieve an agreement between UNED, the Minister of Women, Children and Social Welfare in Nepal and the EduQual Foundation.

The teachers and the students, who participated in this project, have shown the transformation that took place at schools, and ask for continuation.

Escuelas Transformadoras / Victoria Subirana
Images released by Jordi Guasch (colaborator in the Nepalgunj Project)

Memory Projects 2017


Memoria 2017

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Projects carried out since 1991


Proyectos hasta 2010 EduQual

EduQual All Nepal Program 2013, 2012, 2011

1991/1993 - Establishing a kindergarten by the school “Dorjee High School” (nursing school, which received 32 children, who were refugees from Tibet and other ethnicities in Kathmandu).

1993 - The Association “Amics de Vicki Sherpa” Barcelona was founded.

1993/2009 - Establishing the free Daleki School and later on the Catalunya School for marginalised children in Kathmandu, Nepal. It operated for over 25 years educating over 1500 children and a community of over 10,000 people. The following educational projects have been carried out:

        - Schools from Preschool through to the Superior Education Cycle

        - School for Un-Regulated Education for working children.

        - Establishing first school educating the teachers, which included training from preschool to the secondary school level.

       - Project of construction of the educational material in the Transformative Pedagogy method and production of the text books: “My World, Your World, Our World”.

       - Educational workshops for the fathers within the community and for women.

       - Forming a professional workshop for jewellery making, design and pattern design.

       - Micro credits, sustainable projects and a shop with sustainable clothing.


1998/2011- Registering the EduQual Foundation (Quality Education for All) in Barcelona.

2002 - Establishing the non-regulated education projects for women and children in Nepal in Jhapa.

2003 - Initiation of teachers training project with the NGO Technologies for Development en Bangladesh.

2005 - Establishing a school for 25 children affected by an earthquake in Islamabad, Pakistan.

2009 - The projects of the EduQual Foundation  were taken by force by the members of the  VEDFON sponsorship lead by Sitaram Upreti and Kami Sherpa. The students, their parents and members of the school community were tortured by the police of Nepal due to a conspiracy between VEDFON and some of the Nepalese politicians. This case (of a maximum gravity) is considered to be a case of a COLLECTIVE TORTURE by a committee of 109 lawyers and eleven human rights organisations, who signed a manifest. Victoria Subirana was hospital-bound during twelve days to recover from the aggressions she suffered. All the children from the schools have been thrown out to the streets and deprived of their rights to continue their education. Victoria Subirana was being threatened with death. She had to remain during six months in the house of the Honorary Consul of Spain for Nepal, Mrs. Ambica Shrestha under the protection of the Spanish government to save her life.